Yes, You Can Paint Your Ugly Vinyl Flooring!

You Can Paint Your Ugly Vinyl Flooring

Do you have old ugly vinyl flooring but replacement is just not in your budget? You are not alone. This dilemma is often faced by those of us who have just purchased a new home. There always seems to be at least one room with flooring that makes you cringe. It’s almost always vinyl or linoleum. Ick!

Surprisingly, with the right products and process, you can paint vinyl flooring and give that room a completely new and refreshed look. All it takes is a few hours of your time, and about $40 worth of paint. At the link below, Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body, explains her exact process, along with the type of paint she recommends. Read through the comments at the bottom of her post, as she also gives some additional tips for high traffic areas, or those of you with pets.

How to Paint Vinyl Floors

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