The Truth About Idling – Save $100’s Per Year

Growing up and learning how to drive a car, I was always told to turn my vehicle off and then back on, as this used less gas than leaving it idling. I am sure many of you were told the same thing. However, with today’s technology and engine design, it seems we are doing it all wrong and it’s costing us money!

The following infographic is a huge eye-opener for us idlers. Not only can we reduce harmful CO2 emissions, we can reduce our yearly gas consumption by a fairly considerable amount! For example, 2 minutes of idling a vehicle is the equivalent of driving for 1 mile (1.6 km). So on these cold winter days when I warm up my car for 20 minutes in the driveway before heading off to the store, I’ve actually used enough gas to drive to the store daily for over a week. Kinda scary.

Read through the graphic facts and then head on over to for even more tips on saving money.

The Truth About Idling


Infographic Source: Sustainable America &

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