Make Your Own Homemade Cheerios

Make Your Own Homemade Cheerios

Ahhhh Cheerios! A staple for almost every parent with a child over the age of 1. They are loved by children, travel well without making a mess, there are no sticky fingers and are oh-so-easy to clean up when spilled. Gosh, we even use them to teach our kids to count! Many little fingers learned dexterity and control simply from a bowl of Cheerios. Oh yes, and they are healthy too! Or…. are they?

Store bought Cheerios are not the healthy snack idea we all have assumed over the years. Within the article linked below you will find the details of why this is (it’s quite shocking!), and how you can make your own homemade cheerios. This recipe ensures your little ones are getting the nutritious healthy snack you want and expect!

Why You Should Make Homemade Cheerios

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