How To Paint Bathroom Tiles

How To Paint Bathroom Tile

Despite what you make think, a bathroom makeover does not need break the bank. Painting over old, dated or just downright ugly ceramic tiles will immediately transform the whole room! Using the proper products, with the correct preparation and recommended application, your bathroom will look as good as new when you’re done AND cost less than a night out for supper. Follow this tutorial on exactly how to achieve a brand new bathroom look by learning how to paint bathroom tiles and stay within your household budget.

How To Paint Bathroom Tiles Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

6 East Steps:


  1. Thoroughly clean your tiles with a heavy duty grime busting cleaner such as Sugar Soap or TSP. My personal favorite for cleaning slime, grime, nicotine and mildew is Dap’s TSP All Purpose Cleaner. Bookmark this to make sure you grab it cheap on Prime. I guarantee you will find a ton of other places to use it around the house!
  2. Be sure to clean the grout well, preferably with a toothbrush, to get into every crack and crevice. Use a warm water/bleach solution on tougher mold or mildew. Make any repairs necessary to the grout once clean, allowing 1 week to set and dry before starting to paint.
  3. For best paint adhesion, lightly sand the tile with 120 grit sandpaper. A wet/dry brand would be best, but normal 120 grit for wood will suffice. Be sure to wipe with a damp cloth after to remove any traces of sanding dust.
  4. Using a medium sized paint brush, paint the grout using Rust-Oleum Tub And Tile Refinishing Kit. This is an amazing product, designed specifically for painting bathroom tiles. It comes in 3 colors (White, Almond and Biscuit), and will completely transform the look of your dull, dated tiles. One package covers 110 sq ft of tile, and you will require 2 coats. Amazon Prime offers it in 1, 3 and 4 kit sizes, sure to suit anyone’s bathroom size.
  5. Using a foam roller, paint the tiles from side to side first, and then top to bottom. Let dry 2 hours and apply a second coat, beginning again with the grout area and finishing with the roller on the tile.
  6. Allow 3 days for paint to cure before exposing your fabulous new painted bathroom tiles to water.

If you find that painting the tiles is not enough of an upgrade, and if your budget allows, consider having a contractor come remodel your bathroom. Southern Home Services says, “Bathroom remodels are similar to kitchen remodels in that they involve the same elements, but take only two to three days. This is because most bathrooms are smaller in size and typically only involve plumbing; moving bathroom fixtures around isn’t a difficult task.” Shop around for the right contractor for the job to ensure you are maintaining a sense of frugality.

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