Homemade Moon Sand For Sensory Play

Homemade Moon Sand For Sensory Play

Moon sand is an excellent way for young children to literally dig right in and learn. It feels just like real sand, can be molded and shaped into anything and never dries out. It’s a wonderful resource for sensory play. However, it’s not cheap – about $20 for 5 pounds. If you have more than one child, the expense adds up.

Discover how you can make your own homemade moon sand for a fraction of the price! Your primary ingredient will be play sand can be purchased here for about $20 for 25 pounds. That’s 5 times the amount of the “real” moon sand for the same price. By visiting the link below, creative mom Anna from The Imagination Tree walks you through the simple steps to making your own moon sand. Best part? It can be any color you want! Just look at how wonderful Anna’s purple moon sand is above 🙂

Home Made Moon Sand Recipe

Image Credit: theimaginationtree.com


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