Edible Finger Paint Recipe

Edible Finger Paint Recipe

No child can resist finger painting, or any type of painting in fact! But apart from making sure we don’t find it on walls, as parents, our biggest fear is keeping fingers and brushes out of out little ones mouths. This usually deters parents from allowing babies and younger toddlers from experiencing the joy of getting your hands right in there.

With this tutorial for an edible finger paint recipe, your kids can now experience the joy of creative painting, while you as a parent can be assured it is 100% safe to use – and eat! Enjoy the recipe below and I would LOVE to see some photo’s sent in of your little ones masterpieces!

100% Safe Finger Paint

  • 2 tablespoons corn starch
  • 4 tablespoons water
  • food coloring to achieve desired color

Combine and mix well. Repeat the combination above for each color you wish to make. Sidenote: As your child paints, the cornstarch mixture will likely need to be stirred a few times to keep a proper consistency.


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