DIY Magnetic Wall Paint

DIY Magnetic Wall Paint

If the front of your fridge is already covered in masterpieces, it may be time to start looking for alternative ways to display your little ones art. As a mom, I know how difficult it is to throw any artwork away. It’s hard at times just to pack it away! We are so proud of our little ones creativity and want to show it off to everyone.

This is where magnetic paint can help. This super paint allows you to transform a small section or an entire wall of your child’s room, into their very own art gallery wall – without the risk and damage of pushpin marks or tape marks.

  1. Apply 3 coats of the magnetic paint to the section or wall you want to allow your child to use.
  2. Simply paint your final desired color right over top. No one will every know the magnetic paint is underneath.
  3. Using the video suggestions below, create some unique magnets for your child to use when displaying their creations.
  4. Enjoy the work of art!

Here is a super little video from Lowes that will give some additional tips and ideas.

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