Creative Wine Barrel Sinks

Creative Wine Barrel Sink
Creative Wine Barrel Sink Ideas

Looking for something to do with that old wine barrel hanging around your home? This is a super creative and overall practical use for anyone who spends a great deal of time on their back deck – especially with friends, family and food! What better way to offer a simple, quick and easy way to wash up and avoid everyone tromping through your home! It’s extremely practical for gardeners as well. Visit the first link below for simple instructions.

The second featured group of images is actually two different ideas, but in all reality, can be both achieved with a single barrel! Since the powder/bath room sink only requires 1/3 of a full sized barrel, simply cut the remaining 2/3 of the barrel into “slices” and use them as shelves elsewhere in the room. No waste and a very unique look!

Outdoor Wine Barrel Sink

18 Uses for Old Wine Barrels

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