Hello all you DIY, crafty and frugalistic fans!

My name is Sandra, mom of two awesome kiddies (—-> that’s them over there!) and an aspiring blogger. And, I love to save money – hence the frugalista in my name. But this isn’t the “frugal” living you may have seen your Grandma live. This is the new frugal – it’s creative and fun!

Actually, I started this website and decided to call myself “The Crafty Frugalista” after seeing an incredible number of unique, inexpensive DIY and/or craft projects out there. But they are all over the place! Who has time to dig and search for unique money saving ideas? Not too many of us, and I am betting you don’t either 🙂

Therefore, The Crafty Frugalista, aka me of course, will curate the best of what I find out there daily. It could be an inexpensive craft, a mouth watering recipe to satisfy any family on a budget, a killer money saving coupon and/or a fabulous way to re-purpose items around your home.


Help me showcase the best of the internet’s creative minds by sharing, commenting and pinning my selections. Let’s spread some love to all aspiring frugalistas out there!


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