1800′s Dresser Renewal

1800 Dresser Renewal

While some people would consider painting an antique a horrid idea, the owner of this once beautiful 1800′s dresser did just that. Her reasoning makes sense – at least to me. It was a family heirloom and should be proudly displayed, but it was in poor condition, with peeling veneer, and therefore hiding in the garage. Why not make it shine again?

Many of us have an old piece hiding or tucked away somewhere in our homes. Kept for sentimental reasons, but hidden just the same. Why not consider how beautiful the piece could look with a complete renewal? The original character of the piece can still shine through. And in this case, I think Southern Revivals’ Uncle Joe would be proud :)

Uncle Joe’s 1800′s Dresser

Image Credit: southernrevivals.blogspot.ca

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