13 Banned Ingredients Still Allowed In The U.S.

13 Banned Ingredients Still Allowed In The US

As most of us know, the FDA proposes and passes regulations pertaining to food safety measures – specifically, how food processors and farmers can work better to keep their fresh products free of dangerous bacteria. Since food borne illnesses cause an average of 3000 deaths per year in the United States, these are welcome regulations for everyone. So why is there are list of 13 different ingredients and products that are banned by governments outside the US, due to their detrimental effects on human health? One country even imposes a 15 year jail term should you be caught using one of the list items!

To see this list and the potential deadly side effects, visit the Honey Colony below. Then check your kitchen pantry…

13 Banned Foods Still Allowed In The U.S.

Image Credit: CraftyFrugalista.com

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