13 Amazing Benefits of Sugar

13 Amazing Benefits of Sugar


Sugar is one of those things we just love to hate. Warned against “too much” from a young age, it’s just hard to stay away from its’ oh so sweet taste! We sneak it into beverages and baking and try not to feel guilty. Then point fingers when the battle of the bulge begins. It’s a true love hate relationship.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few benefits of sugar you can take advantage of in your everyday life – and never have to feel guilty. Additionally, most of these benefits will end up saving you money, so it’s a super win-win! Enjoy the details below.

Practical Uses for Sugar

1. For Flowers – Want to keep your fresh cut flowers looking beautiful longer? Simply add 3 teaspoons of white sugar and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to your vase of warm water, then add your flowers. The vinegar will prevent bacterial from developing and the sugar feeds the stems – keeping your arrangement beautiful and fresh.

2. Spicy Food – Did you take a bite of something way too spicy? I did this in chicken wing eating contest. Horrible pain in my mouth and lips! The secret solution according to the restaurant owner (who likely didn’t want me to sue him) was to rub sugar around the inside of my mouth and on my lips. Incredibly, it was instant relief!

3. Heal Wounds – This is an old wives tale that is actually true! Sprinkle a little sugar onto a wound prior to dressing it to help with healing and cure pain. The details of a 6 month study and proof can be read here.

4. Greasy Hands – Sugar combined with a small amount of olive oil is an excellent way to remove grease and grim from your hands. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil and you instantly have an excellent all natural exfoliate that can be used anywhere on your body. Rub gently into your skin and wash off in the shower for soft, supple skin.

5. Make Lipstick Last – Want to make your favorite lipstick last longer on your lips, without having to pay for the expensive “all day” brands? After applying the lipstick simply sprinkle a little sugar over top. Wait a few moments and then lick the sugar away!

6. Dry cracked lips? Hate chapstick? Here is a super solution. Make a paste with equal amounts of sugar and olive oil, apply to your lips, wait 30 seconds and then wipe off with a damp cloth. Hello silky smooth lips!

7. Burnt Tongue – Back above I detailed that sugar is beneficial for spicy food burns, but guess what? It’s also an instant pain reliever for temperature burns in your mouth as well. Dab a bit of sugar on that scaled tongue for immediate relief.

8. Grass Stains – Here is a tip to save you a small fortune. Forget expensive grass stain removal products. Make a paste of sugar and a very small amount of water. Rub into the stained area and let it sit for 1-2 hours. Wash the item as normal and be prepared for the magic!

9. Bugs and Roaches – We all know bugs and roaches are attracted to sugary items, but if you combine equal amounts of sugar and baking powder, you now have a deadly weapon. Sprinkle the mixture in problem areas and see the results. Be prepared to wipe the area clean often and re-sprinkle.

10. Coffee Grinder Grime – Is your coffee grinder getting mucky? It could be causing that stale taste in your beans. The natural oils released from grinding are the culprit. Run a 3-4 tablespoons of sugar through your grinder every few weeks to help remove those oils, keeping it fresh and clean. Remember to wipe away all sugar grains prior to adding your beans.

11. Wasps – If you are having issues with wasps near a window or a regularly used area of your yard, mix up a batch of 2 parts sugar and 1 part water. Bring it to a boil, let the syrup cool and then pour the mixture into a mason jar like container. Place the jar in your trouble area and watch the wasps get attracted and then trapped.

12. Keep Food Fresh – Stock up on some sugar cubes because they can be super effective at keeping a variety of food items fresh! Here are few little tips:

  • add a few sugar cubes to any airtight container storing breads or baked goods.
  • add a single cube to any airtight container storing cheese to stop mold

I am sure if I keep digging around I will find even more benefits of sugar. If you know of any and would like to see them added to this list, please feel free to contact me or add them in the comments below!

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